Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am very Thankful this holiday season! I'm thankful for 2 healthy happy little ones..I'm thankful for a husband who loves to clean AND shop, rofl! I'm thankful for our wonderful family, for our jobs, our home and for all our friends! We are very fortunate. Happy Thanksgiving to all my blogger buds!

I've been a busy little bee today, hubby had a ADHD attack and drug out all the Christmas decorations. He hung all the lights and we decorated the gazebo..we light up like the 4th of July embarrassing..hahaha! He has a little obsession with lights, lol!
I haven't been very creative lately..I've been too busy driving back and forth to work. There was a huge rock slide that took out my main road to NC, so now my detour takes me over an hour out of the way..making my trip to work 2 1/2 hours...EEEK! I hear that it may be the first of the year before its open again so i guess I better get use to it! I have been coloring up a storm though....playing with my copics and trying to get the shadowing down pat..its a challenge for sure! But at least I have several images colored up awaiting Christmas cards..I better get on that quickly!

I did find a little time to see New Moon Sunday was great! Now I can't wait for will be a long wait, I know! lol!

Hope everyone has a great Holiday weekend, I'll be out there shopping at midnight with the rest of the crazy shopaholics, ROFL..retail therapy..its the BEST!


Lim said...

Dear T,
I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Day and a great long weekend :))
We are going to see New Moon AGAIN on Saturday :))) I can't wait!!! :))
Enjoy your day. I'm busy today with all the cooking and cleaning. Have fun!

Fiorella said...