Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Fashion inspired pages...

Well..I had high hopes of getting bunches done..but the robbers thought otherwise and came and ramsacked my car and took off in Shauns car with my purse and all my personal belongings in my dang if they didn't take Shaun's brand new cell phone and both our XM radios..Jakes brandnew baseball equipment. Poor little guy started baseball last night and we had to run out right before practice and buy him another bat, ball, glove, pants..etc. etc... So needless to say it has been a terrible week! BUT..I did manage to get a few pages done before bad luck struck again..YIPPEE!
These are layouts done for the fashion inspired challenge..and you can see from the articles of clothing how they relate to the layouts. This was alot of fun...picking out cutesie clothes and mimicing the designs. I wish I had more time to research for more ideas.
Wish me luck in recovering my purse and vehicle! hugs,T