Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A little Bella Love to share..

Here are some Bella items i've been working on for Christmas swaps. JATC- Jumbo ATC cards, and Bella altered candles. I was very excited about the candles..I wasn't sure how they would turn out because I've never altered candles before, but now I'm addicted! Its super easy to do!
You will need:
Stazon ink
wax paper
white or cream candle
markers or pens
heat gun

You stamp your image with Stazon ink onto tissue paper. Next you color your image with markers, pens..etc. Now you want to cut out your image very near to the edge. Place your image in the desired spot on your candle, colored side up. Place a long sheet of wax paper over top and wrap around the candle with extra to hold on to. Pull wax very tight and hold tight while passing your heat gun over the image. You'll start to notice a change in the color as the tissue starts to absorb into the wax. When you see no more noticeable tissue then you are done..pull the wax off carefully. Its that easy, and super cute with Bellas, Tildas..etc. I did one with one of my Penny Black hedgehogs and thought it turned out pretty cute too...especially for my first try. I jazzed these up a little bit with some felt ribbon. Hope you like! hugs,T


Terria said...

Wow T this is awesome thank you so much for sharing.I will have to try this I will keep in touch and let you know how it turns out.

Linda said...

Awesome Teresa!!! Love this idea and now I have YET ANOTHER excuse to get some copic markers - right?!! I used to cover clear glass Christmas bulbs with a similar method - using tissue and water based markers and decoupage!

Thanks, can't wait to try this!

Summer... said...

Once upon a time I was into making candles and soaps Teresa...thanks so much for re-kindling a long lost idea! These truly do make great gifts for Christmas swaps! And these look wonderful! = )