Monday, October 29, 2012

Domino pendants

 I've always wanted to try making these little cuties but I found them to be very intimidating for some reason..they seem very complex and beautiful when finished. So Regan over at  Your Paper Pantry had a swap going on this month in her baubles group, the challenge was to create 3 domino pendants in any style you would like...YAY!!  I decided to give it a whirl. I did a little researching on YouTube and found a few tuts..mostly people are either using epoxy, mod podge, or glossy accents.  I did not have any epoxy resin on hand so I opted out of that tutorial..I tried the glossy accents but it caused my image to bleed underneath so by the next day I tossed those and started!  This is what I came up with. I used some Tim Holtz alcohol ink and marbled all my dominoes, then I used a couple Prima paper images from the Romantique line and adhered them with mod podge to three of the dominoes. Next I mod podged over top and let it all dry..then applied a coat of clear sealant spray over top.  For the next 2 dominoes I stamped some images using Stazon onto tissue paper and i used floor wax to apply the tissue to the domino..crazy I know!  I never would have thought it would work but I saw a tut using this technique and the wax actually makes the tissue transparent so that when you apply it to the domino, you only see the stamped image and the colors beneath..LOVE THIS! After placing the image where you want it, you seal it with Mod podge and again with the sealant sprays. I added bails to all my dominoes so they can be used as pendants. I also added some small charms dangling from the bottom.  I am most excited about the fact that now I have my first ones behind me and found that they are really very simple to design..I can't wait to make up some more!  

So tell me which style do you prefer?

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