Saturday, April 28, 2012

SYAO12 another week down..woohoo

So here I am at week 12 already..I honestly am amazed I've made it this far with my crazy busy work
schedule and baseball..soo exciting!  And I've used up more stash these last couple months than I have used in years..literally! And that is the most exciting part of it all..getting all those hoarded goodies in to albums.  Not so sure that my boys will appreciate all my efforts when they are older, but its great memories for myself. I love how you can look at a picture and it brings you right back to the day it was taken.  This week was all about flowers, and since we only have boys..I have used a couple photos of our Lanie...she is my "borrowed" daughter and we love her so much!  Her and her sister Janie belong to my best friend and we love them just like they were our own. 

I have used papers from the Basic Grey Lemonade collection along with the coordinating transparency for her name.  Lollipop flowers handmade by me with little scraps of matching fabrics and sheers.  Now that I'm looking at the photo..I wish I had moved the smaller picture over a little because it totally hides the decorative cut edge of the paper behind it. ..darn!

 Hope you are having a great weekend!  Its off to bed for me for another long work day tomorrow!

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Melissa said...

Great layout and I love the homemade flowers! Sleep tight and try not to work too hard.... lol.