Tuesday, April 3, 2012

SYAO week 9

Its sping break in the Rogers household :)  that means no getting up at the crack of dawn to get the boys ready for school..ahhh...   We had big plans to go somewhere exciting for break, I was hoping for Savannah (LOVE Savannah!) But my vehicle had other plans and decided to cost me $2100 in repairs, so there went my spring break :(   But Summer break is just around the corner and we have a cruise planned for May with my bestie and her family, and my lil sis and her family..woohooo!  Besides..sometimes a little QT around the house is the best medicine for stress. Tomorrow we have a hike planned ..we are hiking to take some waterfall pics.  LOVE IT!

So while Savannah was on my mind, I picked out a few pics from our last trip to Savannah and Tybee Island for this layout.  I really like this sketch!

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Melissa said...

Great take on the sketch!