Sunday, September 25, 2011

Vintage glass watchmaker vials

So I was born in the wrong husband tells me this all the time, I'm a romantic at heart and love all things vintage!  I just paid a small fortune for two boxes of antique watchmaker vials..I had to have them, they were calling my!   I have marvelous plans for each of them..but in the meantime I have several sets to spare and listed them on eBay for a set of 5. When I was searching to buy these I found them anywhere from $0.75 ea. to $1.50 ea. so I have mine listed for $0.60ea. because I'm not really looking to make money off of them but would like to downsize this lot..they are so lovely!!  And with so many uses, wouldn't they be wonderful in a Tim Holtz collage.  Love them!!   So if you are interested have a look at my auction:    wouldn't they be so lovely with a piece of vintage sheet music tucked away inside with a little ribbon..

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