Sunday, February 6, 2011

Stash Bash 2011

There is a challenge going on over at Scrapbook Place, Lindsy is challenging us to use our stash. The only item you can purchase for this challenge is adhesive...rofl..lucky for me I have a stash of that too. ;)  I have to be the worst paper hoarder EVER!  In fact I'm so bad that I have two bins of just scrap pieces that I didn't dare throw away in case I needed just a little piece for embellishing..heaven forbid you should have to cut up a 12x12 just for a little strip..haha! resolution for this year is to get rid of my scrap papers..ribbon snips..those single rhinestones. .etc. etc..and use that paper I've been hanging on to for the perfect picture to come along.  I have a 6ft.x4ft. pegboard filled to the max with embellishment packs that I HAVE to force myself to use.  Guess I better get busy, lol!    Soo  today I have created  several pieces from only 3 sheets of stash paper!  YAY!   This all comes from the DCWV Street Lace this paper!! hurts to use it..can you feel my pain !?!   So here is what I've done with it:

 A page kit..consisting of 3 photo mats, a journal card and an ATC for embellishing...I even used some pearls that were left over from another project ..and the clip that I have been hoarding.  heehee!  But I actually have a bag of those clips so I'm not stressing!
 And here we have two cards..all done up and awaiting a sentiment..I'm thinking these would be good Thank you cards..what do you think?  Drool, drool..that paper is to die for, you can't see in the picture but the Poppies on the paper are I cut them out and used them for embellishing. Won't you join me in the Stash Bash challenge and get to digging in your stashes... 

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