Monday, August 24, 2009

5 years shaved off my life

This weekend we had a terrible scare with my 6 yr. old. He was bitten by a copperhead snake during my sisters baby shower. It was the scarriest moment of my life driving to the hospital as fast as I could wondering what was going to happen next. I've lived my whole life thinking that if you were bitten by a rattle or copperhead you were as good as dead.Its crazy being in the medical field, all that knowledge goes out the window when its your own child..the only thing you remember how to do is scream and cry and hand them over to someone more calm. I am so very thankful for the ER crew, the flight crew and the nurses and surgeon at TC Thompsons. We are very blessed to have such a big support group with family and friends praying for him. 2 days have made such a tremendous difference and today was the turning point. The swelling went from his ankle to mid thigh, and today the swelling has started to go down. We are so thankful!


Lim said...

Hi Teresa,

Oh gosh I'm so sorry to heard about your little boy. How scary experience. Thanks God things goes well and I hope he's feeling better already.
Big Hugs,

Pat said...

T, I'm so so glad things have gone so well for your son. I bet he's happy to be home, and will soon be bragging about his war story with all his school buds! Kids, geesh! LOL Pat

Fiorella said...

Just read your last post. So happy that that scary moment had its happy end!
Hugs from Italy

Summer... said...

Oh T!!

I am sooo sorry to hear about this incident with your little boy!! You are absolutely right--when it comes to you and your loved ones, in an emergency panic such as this--all we can do is scream and cry...soo right! OMGoodness! Thank the heavens your little guy has pulled through this. THANK HEAVENS!! Much love and aloha to you and your little guy T!!