Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Synthetic handmade flower tutorial

Hi girls..I wanted to share with you a flower I made following a tutorial by
Caz I love these flowers and they are very simple to make. I took a trip to my local craft store and picked up a few different colors of synthetic materials.
Materials you will need:
Synthetic fabrics in desired colors
tea light and lighter
needle and thread

I love the glitzy appearance of the blue so I used it for this flower. I also picked up some netting to layer it with. First you want to cut different sizes of circles from your material, the largest being the largest layer of your flower. With your tealight lit..hold the circle about 2 inches from the flame and turn it so the edges get a little crisp..the fabric will begin to shrink up a bit...this is a good thing, lol! When you sear the entire edge you will hold the flower so that the flame is beneath it..not too close though..this will shrink up the flower and turn in the edges. Easy, peasy...now do this same thing for all your layers. After you have finished the searing process..start layering your flower. I cut circles of netting to layer between..I liked the end result..but its also very beautiful without it. When you have layered your flower, add a couple stitches to the middle to keep it in shape. Woohooo...its done, you can now add beads, or a button or any little decorative doodad to the middle. The beads look awesome, but i used these little silver micros instead because they were handy. Now wouldn't it look lovely on your card? If you try this yourself, please let me know so I can go take a peek at your creation.

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Lindsy said...

LOVE it! Seriously ~ how cool is that?!? I *so* need to try it :o)
Thanks for sharing!