Tuesday, March 10, 2009

OH MY...Hanglars and some new MM goodies

Ok, so how long do you think I would have to vacation in Sweden before I can order some of these Hanglar cuties? Wahhh...and do you think this calls for some sort of 12 step program if you are willing to use all your savings to go to Sweden to order some, hahaha! Too funny! I just joined the Hanglar Blog group at Paper Craft Planet and it has me drooling.

On another note, i just returned from Michaels (big mistake) where I found one of the lace Martha Stewart punches I have been searching for..woohooo! AND..it was 30% off, which was an even better surprise. The bad news is while I was there I ran into lots of other goodies on sale that I couldn't live without. That's why I try to avoid that place!! Anyway...I am totally in love with the new MM Chloe's Closet and Sabrina lines! I picked up a few of the items for some cards and mini albums. And they have matching pins!! woohooo! I love hat pins! Good grief do I ever need that 12 step program! haha...so here is a pic of my new loot, lol! hugs,T

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